Food I’ve been eating

In my first two post I rambled a bit. I think I needed to do a bit of a out pouring of how I’ve been feeling and what I want to do. I this post I want to document what I’ve actually been doing.

I am basing my diet on the Slimming World plan, however I am not sticking to it rigidly.

One of the things I always struggled with when I was a member was only having one B  choice so I’ve decided to allow myself to have two if I need them. One of the things I’ve seen frequently but I’ve never found an official answer is that people over a certain weight / height (BMI) can have extra syns. My last consultant hadn’t heard of this but I’ve noticed in a lot of groups and some forums I’ve searched. A Healthy extra usually equates to around 6 Syns, but rather than giving myself 6 extra syns which I would probably use on popcorn I’ve putting it towards a second B choice.

Another thing that I have found is with my syns I either hardly use them or go way over the recommended 15 syns. This time I’m aiming to have under 20 syns a day.

Stating the obvious this isn’t endorsed by SW and if I don’t lose weight I will look to change it but I feel like these are tweaks I can stick within.

I’m only on my second full day on plan but I have been easing myself in since 28th December and these are a few of the foods I’ve been eating.

Breakfast – I’m a grazer so by taking a few things that add up to a meal I can start eating when I get to work at 8am and I can make it last till around 10am. If I had it all in one go I’d be hungry again withing 10 mins.

My go to have been these Muller Light Greek Style Yogurts which I beleive are ½syn each, frozen fruit and 2 Alpen Light bars (HxB)

Lunch – Can often be my biggest downfall, I’m a sandwich lover but as I’d had my HxB for breakfast I stuck to ham, lettuce and tomato and really enjoyed it and didn’t miss my bread.

Tea – I’m not in control of my tea as it’s made as a family meal, however this was only 1 syn and it’s my mums take on the Caribbean Pepper Pot stew. 6 kinds of veg, low fat casserole steak, jerk seasoning plus a stock melt served with plain rice.

I did have snacks of popcorn, WW version of Pink N Whites and some fruit – Ended on  20.5syns

Breakfast – Muller Greek Style Yogurt and fruit with a green tea.

Lunch – Uncle Ben’s Mexican Rice 2.5syns, Lettuce, spring onion and wafer thin chicken. I used the chicken as a wrap and added a bit of everything to almost make a mini meaty taco. I really enjoyed this. This does tend to be a default lunch for me and I want to try and avoid getting into the rut of having the same every day.

Tea = Home made pork burgers with sweet potato fries (HxB for bread and 1 syn for ketchup – No Photo was too hungry)

Snack – Home made syn free leek and potato soup, followed later by some Jacobs crackers (8 Syns) which cheese triangles and baby plum tomatoes. (no pic)

I also tend to have a couple of coffees with a splash of milk which is why I only have a couple of cheese triangles for my HxA choice.

My lunch and tea’s are fairly standard whether i’m off or on plan. My issue is snacking and evening hunger (boredom probably) I also rarely feel full. I could  always eat something even after a huge meal. Even when I’m fully hydrated.

NEXT TIME:  My Food Diary Set up


Where are we going?

I’ve started the year only 1.5lbs lighter than 2016. This year I want to be positive and focused not just on sticking to a plan but with blogging, my work, seeing my friends and I feel like it will be a busy year.

I’m hoping that being busy will be to my advantage and I can keep on top of everything.

I just wanted to post this to show a starting picture of me so I will have something to look back on. I will get full length pictures later in the week and do a separate post but this is me 2nd January 2016


It’s 23 weeks till I go on holiday and this is my target point. I’m going to be happy with a loss each week, however I’ve been doing some sums and I’d love to lose 2.5lbs a week. This would get me back to my lowest ever weight and it would be great to get back there.

Realistically 1lb a week would be amazing as that would be just over 1.5stone. I guess we’ll find out in June.

A holiday usually isn’t a great motivator for me as I’m fairly body confident as it is and will happily wear a bikini and I have just done that when I went away in December however the place we are going to on holiday has a huge shopping centre almost next door to our apartment. It has loads of shops including Primark, Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Lefties and Encurentro but one of the only problems is they don’t have any plus size shops and I would really like to spend all my holiday money on new clothes. Even if i have to buy the biggest size. It might seem hypocritical of me as I’m a huge supporter of the Plus Size industry and I do firmly believe all stores should cater for all sizes however I feel this year I’m going to be selfish. I want new clothes when I go away and this is going to be my motivation to make sure I can shop in these stores.

I’m also going to go back to the gym this week. I haven’t been for a couple of months due to holidays and illness but i’m ready to go back. I want to start going to classes but after my anxiety attack last time I tried it’s something to work up to!