Food I’ve been eating

In my first two post I rambled a bit. I think I needed to do a bit of a out pouring of how I’ve been feeling and what I want to do. I this post I want to document what I’ve actually been doing.

I am basing my diet on the Slimming World plan, however I am not sticking to it rigidly.

One of the things I always struggled with when I was a member was only having one B  choice so I’ve decided to allow myself to have two if I need them. One of the things I’ve seen frequently but I’ve never found an official answer is that people over a certain weight / height (BMI) can have extra syns. My last consultant hadn’t heard of this but I’ve noticed in a lot of groups and some forums I’ve searched. A Healthy extra usually equates to around 6 Syns, but rather than giving myself 6 extra syns which I would probably use on popcorn I’ve putting it towards a second B choice.

Another thing that I have found is with my syns I either hardly use them or go way over the recommended 15 syns. This time I’m aiming to have under 20 syns a day.

Stating the obvious this isn’t endorsed by SW and if I don’t lose weight I will look to change it but I feel like these are tweaks I can stick within.

I’m only on my second full day on plan but I have been easing myself in since 28th December and these are a few of the foods I’ve been eating.

Breakfast – I’m a grazer so by taking a few things that add up to a meal I can start eating when I get to work at 8am and I can make it last till around 10am. If I had it all in one go I’d be hungry again withing 10 mins.

My go to have been these Muller Light Greek Style Yogurts which I beleive are ½syn each, frozen fruit and 2 Alpen Light bars (HxB)

Lunch – Can often be my biggest downfall, I’m a sandwich lover but as I’d had my HxB for breakfast I stuck to ham, lettuce and tomato and really enjoyed it and didn’t miss my bread.

Tea – I’m not in control of my tea as it’s made as a family meal, however this was only 1 syn and it’s my mums take on the Caribbean Pepper Pot stew. 6 kinds of veg, low fat casserole steak, jerk seasoning plus a stock melt served with plain rice.

I did have snacks of popcorn, WW version of Pink N Whites and some fruit – Ended on  20.5syns

Breakfast – Muller Greek Style Yogurt and fruit with a green tea.

Lunch – Uncle Ben’s Mexican Rice 2.5syns, Lettuce, spring onion and wafer thin chicken. I used the chicken as a wrap and added a bit of everything to almost make a mini meaty taco. I really enjoyed this. This does tend to be a default lunch for me and I want to try and avoid getting into the rut of having the same every day.

Tea = Home made pork burgers with sweet potato fries (HxB for bread and 1 syn for ketchup – No Photo was too hungry)

Snack – Home made syn free leek and potato soup, followed later by some Jacobs crackers (8 Syns) which cheese triangles and baby plum tomatoes. (no pic)

I also tend to have a couple of coffees with a splash of milk which is why I only have a couple of cheese triangles for my HxA choice.

My lunch and tea’s are fairly standard whether i’m off or on plan. My issue is snacking and evening hunger (boredom probably) I also rarely feel full. I could  always eat something even after a huge meal. Even when I’m fully hydrated.

NEXT TIME:  My Food Diary Set up


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