Week One


I’ve gone back to my original class the one I joined in about 2005 and it’s like coming home. I can’t remember if I mentioned the class I joined last week and that was a means to an end. I had told my friend that I’d go to class but the weather was awful and I decided I didn’t want a 20 min walk in the rain, so I joined a class later in the week.

My first weigh in, I won’t lie I was worried. My first or Zero WI had been in the morning before any food or drink. This weigh in was 7.30 pm. After a full day of eating and drinking. I’d also been to the gym and Zumba (more about them in another post) meaning I’d drunk a litre of water within the last hour. I paid, I wee’d I weighed.

Drumroll please……2lbs off. I’d already accepted a maintain would be a good result. My SW buddy also lost 2lbs, she said ONLY 2lbs but I’m knocking the word only from her vocabulary. 2lbs is an amazing loss, stuff week 1 should be a massive loss. A loss is a loss is a loss.

We’ve both pledged to lose 2lbs next week.

Would you be interested in knowing what we talk about during image therapy?

This week we looked through the new magazine

and discussed food ideas from it. Then when we went round the room we hit on the problem of evening hunger/boredom hunger and ways to combat it.

This is where I fall down, I want all the food as soon as my tea has been eaten. I need to try and stop this as It’s always toast or a sandwich that I want. If you have any tips for evening hunger.

Food Diary Highlights

I’m trying to keep a food dairy and I’m useless. I’m trying to take pictures of my meals and snacks and upload them to my SW Instagram account but I wanted to mention the meals I remembered to take pictures of in week one.

Pork Loin, Roast new potatoes and roast veg – One of my favourites, anything with pork loin and I’m happy. This has been a staple meal and we haven’t made any changes to how we cook this.

Sunday Roast – Roast beef dinner, the only syns in this are in the yorkie and the gravy as it was made with the meat juices. I’m happy to use syns on this kind of food and you can’t have roast beef without a yorkie and home made gravy.

Banana on Toast – My last consultant was very much you must have speed food but I know from reading the book it clearly says have speed food where you can. I had a craving for banana on toast. I had planned to have other fruit after but I really didn’t need anything else. My current consultant is very much only have the extra speed food if you need it.

Skyr – These yoghurts are syned but i’m willing to spend syns on these. Depending on the flavour they are between 0.5 and 2 syns. I’ve been taking these and having one for breakfast, sometimes with extra fruit, sometimes alone. These are high in protein to help to keep me full and that takes some doing.


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