Week Two – It’s nice to be home

Let me start by saying I’m having a star week. If you don’t know what this is then you’ve clearly never been a SW member. It’s when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Let’s not go into this month. One day I will do a full post on my star.

Star week comes from if you’d had a gain on star week they would put a start next to your weight and then you would know why there was a gain or begin to see a pattern. I have no pattern but I might add a star anyway.

I’ve had a decent week and feel like the majority of my week has been spot on. I’ve had a few evening binges and moments of weakness but I’m trying to be 80% on plan and not worrying about the other 20%.

It can’t have been too bad as I managed to lose 3lbs. Making it 5lbs in total. My SW bud also lost the same. I think I’m more pleased for her than I was myself. With it being star week I’d resigned myself to have a maintain.

I’m not sure If I mentioned in last weeks post that I did a Zumba class. I’ve done another one this week as well. I really enjoyed both classes.

They were both by the same instructor and the routines were the same. I’ve very uncoordinated and I can’t do half the moves. I keep moving and I honestly don’t stop smiling. I’m not sure how true of a zumba class it is as I’ve never done it before. It’s not as high energy as I expected and I’m glad about that. There are a couple of other zumba classes at the same sports centre, however, I’m scared to try to incase they are out of my ability. I’m going to carry on with my current class until I get a bit fitter then try another one.

I also asked if you wanted to know about the week’s image therapy however as I write this last weeks post hasn’t be published so I’m going to tell you anyway.

This week’s class was a little bit different. Slimming World like to celebrate success ad this week it was time to celebrate our diamond members. A diamond member is someone who has been at target for over 12 months and still attends class. To go along with the celebration we had a taster night. This is where everyone (who remembers) brings food and we weigh and eat. My class did so well and most people remembered to bring something. I took strawberries and Cadburys finger minis. (cop out) but what I love about my class is that it’s made very clear that if you have forgotten something it doesn’t matter you are still welcome to stay and eat and there is no problem which I love and you can tell it’s genuine. Sadly I’d forgotten my phone so I didn’t take any pictures. We also had a speed round of going round celebrating this weeks weight losses but we didn’t pledge a loss for next week. Me and Jo my bud have pledged 2lb between ourselves to keep us on target and to get us both to out first half stone awards.

Last week I requested to be a transferred as a member of this class so that I can book holidays and things like that, when she got to me she confirmed I’d come home and you know what It feels like it. I also acted like it. I got weighed without shoes as normal but instead of putting my shoes back on I kept them off, went to the loo and changed out of my gym kit and I felt like I wouldn;t have done that at my old class or even the one I registered at. It’s nice to be home

This weeks food – Can i be lazy and just leave you with pictures?




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