Week Three – The One Where it all Goes Wrong

It’s the day of my 4th weigh in and I’ve been meaning to write this post but week 3 was a disaster. I didn’t stick to it once. It was a tough week. My mum had been ill. (did I use this excuse last week? We are ready meals. I had McDonald’s. I crave it when I do SW and if I’m not on SW I never want it.

The few SW friendly meals I had are below and I did develop a taste for watermelon which can only be a good thing. I also had a cheeky gin Friday and my lunch out with a work colleague. We needed it and I made a good choice although I did each the chips.


I also want to keep a record of what we spoke about in image therapy, but I honestly don’t remember. I do know that when we did the round the floor I pledged to lose 5lbs in the next week. You’ll have to wait till the next instalment to see how I got on. (don’t hold your breath for it being 5lbs off!)

For me, Week 3 has traditionally been my bad week. I get cocky and think Manana Manana. Sadly it some gets to Wednesday weigh in day and oh look.

I haven’t told you the results yet have I. I’ve made my excuses but I haven’t told you the damage.It was 1.5lbs on.

It was 1.5lbs on. It could and probably should have been far more. I ended up going straight home after work and not to the gym as I had been doing as I was feeling ill again and I’d had my tea which is normally a no no before WI for me. Needs must. I’d almost certainly decided I wasn’t going to class. I did and I stayed to the end.

I’m glad I went. I was offered genuine help and support and it helped me.

Tune into my next post to find out how week 4 went and I really should start getting ready to head over to my class.














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