Week Four – Can I Phone a Friend

After my third weeks WI I was talking to a couple of people outside and one mentioned she’d written a list of the foods she liked and stuck to that rather than referring to the book.

When I got home I decided to dig out one of my many spare notebooks and write out the speed, free, Healthy Extras that I like and know I would eat at the front and then use the book as a food diary.

My writing is big so the small sheets are not big enough. I use a page per day and over the week I’ve been playing with just listing the food in the SW way but I also feel like I want to list meals so if I have a good week and need to refer back I have it almost as a meal plan.

I also use post it notes to add in food/meals I know I will be having. So I won’t forget or if I do forget to update it I’ll still have a bit of memory of what was eaten.

Food wise the week was mixed. Thursday I went to a blogging event at a pizza place followed by a trip to trip to Jamie’s Italian for dessert.

Friday and the weekend was, again a relaxed not on plan eating. I need to stop having 4 day weekends off plan.

Monday was a spot on day then Tuesday was good until after tea and my mum got out the fake Haribo (It’s Tesco’s own and it’s delicious) I then had loads of other things I didn’t need and felt irritated.

SO far we’re on 19:11 weigh in day and it’s been a good food day. Overnight oats, a tuna salad and rice. Some snacks and 6.5syns. I’ve got a mug shot in my bag to have in class and a plan to have either bacon or Linda McCartney sausages when I get home from class.

I’m now home from class and I’ve lost 1.5lbs. I’m really pleased as this is what I gained last week and while I pledged more. I didn’t really stick to it for a lot of the week.

This week we didn’t really do a full image therapy we talked about a campaign that is starting next week around walking for health in conjunction with cancer research and a walk with other SW groups in September.

We also recapped on last week, which was handy as I’d forgotten. We talked about the future and looking ahead 6 or 12 weeks from now and where we want to be.

6 weeks from now will be the start of September. New beginnings, a new school year and while it’s only three-quarters of the year I do still like to think of it as a new start. If I lose an average of 2lbs a week that would bring me to a total of 17lbs. I stick to plan I could round that up to 21lbs and another award.

12 weeks from now is mid-October. 2lbs a week would be a total of 29lbs lost and another award. I would like it to be 3stone total but 2stone is a very realistic total. I want to get my club 10 award by this point. I’ll talk about club 10 later but by 12 weeks from now, I want that club 10 award.

In the past, I’ve never liked setting targets. I feel like I’ll get scared and they are unattainable but I know SW works for me and I can do it.

My group is a well-established class and we have a lot of big losers and target members and they are really inspirational. I may have mentioned this before and I should go back and read my older posts but I think it’s good to have a constant reminder.

Today one girl got her 7 stone award, she’s been following the plan for less than a year (49 weeks or similar) she is so focused and a real inspiration. I was doing some sums and its an average of 2lbs a week. 2lbs a week is a realistic target and a sensible loss.

I have set 2 targets one is the Club 10 – Lose 10% of your body weight and you get a free week. My 10% is around 30lbs loss. I wish we weighed in just pounds. I get so confused with stones and pounds.

My second interim target is to get back to my previous lowest weight from when I joined before. This was no way a final target but I was so much more confident at that weight and I liked myself a lot more.

Realistically I don’t care about the number on the scale, I want my clothes to fit better and my chin not to stick to my chest when I look down! (small things)

PS. My SW buddy lost 3lbs as well. I’m so proud of her.



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