Week 5 – New Month

Hello August,

How did you get here? I’m pretty sure it’s only May really.

Last night was my 5th Weight In and I won’t leave you in suspense. I lost half a pound. Say what? It was a lucky loss. I feel like I’d been bad. No, I had been bad. I had a couple of binges. But I tried to count up my total syns for the week and if you went by a weekly allowance I think I was just inside it. But I’m wondering if I’ve got slimmers amnesia and missed off quite a lot of things I had.  It was a strange week and quite a sad week. On Monday we found out an ex-colleague had passed away in very sad circumstances. Although I wasn’t close to her I did catch the bus across town with her to our onward bus stops quite a lot of the time.

I’ve now lost 5.5lbs in total and I’m happy with this average. I would li


ke it to be more. I would have liked to have my half stone award but at least I’ve lost. If I can lose 5lbs a month, that will be 60lbs a year 4st 4lbs. I’d take that.

Last week I mentioned I’ve started to use a notebook as a food diary. I’ve gone one or two steps further this month and created a printable version of my book so I have a weekly food diary that I can hand in if I feel the need  but has more space than those official sheets as my writing is far too big and I need to list my meals as well as the individual foods. I like doing this as if I need to look back for a good week to copy the meal plan at least I will have a better idea of what I had rather than a list of random foods. I’m also writing in my book as well as the printout.

One of the things I’ve done is set out a number of mini milestones I’d like to reach. Slimming Worlds 1st target is usually club 10. Which is 10% of your body weight. My club 10 is 30lbs and that seems so far away. 24.5lbs away. I’ve gone for 5% intervals.With my interim PAT target as my previous lowest ever weight 16st 6.5lbs. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the 35% loss but it’s written down.

Type Weight lbs to lose % Date Achieved
Interim Target 20st 2.5lbs 15lbs 5%
Club 10 weight 19 st 1.5lbs 30lbs 10%
Interim Target 18st 1lbs 44.5lbs 15%
Interim Target 17st 0lbs 59.5lbs 20%
Previous Lowest 16st 6.5lbs 67lbs 22.5%
Interim Target 15st 13lbs 74lbs 25%
Interim Target 14st 12lbs 89lbs 30%
Interim Target 13st 11lbs 104lbs 35%

With these mini targets in mind I’d like to get to 5% lost by the end of August. I have another 9.5lbs to get there and this means a loss of 2.5lbs a week for the next 4 weeks. That isn’t an unrealistic figure and for how much I have to lose. If I stay on plan should be easily achievable.

I also need to work on not having nightly binges. I’m 2 days into a new week and I’ve been on plan but I need to remember there are 5 more days and to lose I have to be on plan all the time. I really want this. Last week I talked about looking ahead and what I where I want to be in 6 and 12 weeks time. I guess that’s now 5 and 11 weeks away and I still feel like I can get to where I want to be. At the least, I want my Club 10 before my next holiday which is in 16 weeks time. Ideally, I want it in 11 weeks. 24.5lbs in 11 weeks is 2.2lbs a week but as we measure in full half lbs I’m going to try and get 2.5lbs a week which should get me my club 10 in 10 weeks time.

Things I have been doing is drinking more. I’m terrible for having drinks when I get home from work. I’m made a space on my food diary to record drinks and it’s making me think about drinking more. I’ve been filling my water bottle with cordial and having it next to me at night while I’m watching tv so I can make sure I drink something.

Image therapy this week was the nominations for the woman of the year.  I nominated the girl who has lost 7 stone, because of her determination to get to goal and how helpful she is in the group.

Another thing that was talked about is the August challenge to record steps and get out walking for Cancer research. I’ve turned on my Samsung health app so I can record my steps. I should dig out my fit bit really. It’s only the very basic one but at least wearing it might help. That might be a plan for the weekend. We’ll be recording steps each week as all the groups in the area are in “competition” with each other. I’m the worlds least competitive person but it’s for a good cause and might get me moving.

I do try and take as many meal pictures as I can and upload them to my Instagram account which is seeingspots_sw. Come and find me there and let me know so I can follow you as well.


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